Rock Climbing
Technical training courses for beginners to advanced climbers. The Skaha Bluffs of Penticton, BC are one of the finest training areas for climbers in North America.
Specializing in group-adventure programs, we provide a variety of courses for all seasons. Great for developing self-confidence and team building skills in a fun environment!
Summer Alpine
Technical training for alpine climbers, backpackers or private guiding. Come and learn the alpine skills that will enable you to enjoy an ultimate peak experience!

Skaha Rock Adventures Ltd.

Skaha Rock Adventures Ltd. offers year-round professional Guiding and Instructional services, providing you with enjoyable, educational programs for the best value possible. Our experienced, professional staff are all members of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, trained to the highest standards. Since 1993, our business has grown to become western Canada's largest rock climbing school, using the world renowned Skaha Bluffs of Penticton, British Columbia. This climbing mecca boasts the longest, sunniest climbing season in Canada!

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