Rock Climbing

New Climbing Route Construction Course

The discovery and design of a new climbing route is liken to an artists' creation of a fine piece of art. Every rock face has its' own personality and it is up to the creator to showcase its' attributes for other climbers to enjoy. This gratifying enterprise includes hard work, but the long lasting achievement of creating something that will enrich others' experience for generations to come is very fulfilling.

Learn the skills to create safe, new single-pitch sport climbs for yourself and others to enjoy! This includes new route identification and design, respecting the natural environment, safety systems, fixed & natural anchors, route cleaning methods and equipment, anchors and lead bolt placement techniques, rappelling with the use of back-up systems, jumaring, etc.. This comprehensive training course will walk you through the processes in order to have you begin working on your own, new climbing route!

Topics Include

  • Route identification
  • Route design
  • Respecting natural environment
  • Safety and hazard assessment
  • Safety Protocol
  • Cliff edge protocol
  • Harnesses, Knots & Rope Management
  • Route cleaning equipment
  • Route cleaning methods
  • Anchor systems
  • Fixed and natural rappel anchors
  • Advanced rappels w/ a back-up
  • Mechanical ascenders
  • Prussiking
  • Lead climbing and bolt placement strategies
  • Bolt placement techniques


Cost: $355
Ratio: Min: 2 / Max: 4
# of Days: 2
Ages: 18+
Duration: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Prerequisite: Yes

Previous outdoor top-rope or sport lead climbing experience.

Group Rates

Group Rate Discounts of 15% apply when 3 or more persons book together as a group.

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Custom dates available for group bookings. Call for availability.

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