High-Angle Ropes Course

High-Angle Rope Course adventures await your group to include our 200' free-hanging rappel, cave rappel, tyrolean traverse, zip lines and king swing amongst the maze of spectacular cliffs and canyons of Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park.

Youth adventure groups and corporate team building members have discovered the thrills our two high-angle Ropes Course sites have to offer. Participants are challenged and rewarded as they gain self-confidence, courage, trust, self-esteem and team building experiences while having fun at the same time!

You can put your mind at ease, knowing your group is in the capable hands of our experienced, professional Association of Canadian Mountain Guides staff. Safety is our priority while providing participants with an enjoyable, educational experience.

A popular 2-day package includes a first day of rock climbing and rappelling, followed by a second day of rock climbing and ropes course activities.

Video #1) St. Michaels' University School - Grade 10 / 5-day Rock Climbing Trip

Topics Include

  • Group Travel & Safety Concerns
  • Safety Protocol
  • Product knowledge
  • Proper use and care of equipment
  • Harnesses, Knots & Rope Management
  • Belay systems
  • Communication
  • Rappelling
  • Tyroleans
  • Zip Lines


Cost: $95
Ratio: 6:1
# of Days: 1
Duration: 8:00am - 4:30 pm

Group Rates

Price based on our recommended 6:1 Participant/Guide Ratio for maximum safety, quality and value.

Half-Day Rappelling (only) program (5 hrs) from $65 per person (depending on Guide/Participant Ratio).

Full-Day Ropes Course & Rappell program (8.5 hrs) from $95 per person (depending on Guide/Participant Ratio).

Supervising Staff are encouraged to participate Free of charge (1 per Guide Ratio).

Custom course dates available. Contact Us to reserve your course dates.

Ropes Course Activity Options Include:

Tyrolean Traverse
Traverse high canyon chasms suspended on a rope system by your harness and pulley system!

Cave Rappel
Rappel through a slot in a ceiling to enter the black abyss of a large cave system, suspended in mid-air by a 100' free-hanging rappel!

Zip Lines
Leap from a cliff face to glide across a canyon abyss as your guide controls your belayed descent!

Free-Hanging Rappels
Dare to descend our 200' free-hanging Great White Wall rappel!

King Swing
Take a ride into space on this incredible swing!

We can offer less 'extreme' rappels using cliffs that are shorter and more moderate in angle.

Rock Climbing
We can include Rock Climbing as an additional activity in conjunction with these Ropes Course activities, provided clients have had one prior day of belay training with us.

* A very popular two-day program combines a first day of rock climbing and rappelling, followed by a second day of combined ropes course and rock climbing activities.

All technical equipment included (helmets, backpacks, harnesses, *rock shoes, ropes, hardware, etc.). *if required

Minimum Age: 13 years

Maximum Group Size: 24 students