Summer Alpine

Crevasse Rescue and Glacier Travel

Crevasse Rescue prepares summer mountaineers and ski tourers with glacier travel and self-rescue skills required to safely travel through glaciated terrain.

Self-reliance is key while travelling in mountainous environments. Crevasse Rescue gives you a working knowledge of glacier travel and crevasse rescue systems using minimal equipment to meet the professional Association of Canadian Mountain Guide standards. This intensive course includes glacier travel methods, rope management, snow/ice anchors, basic group rescue and advanced two-person crevasse rescue skills. You can compliment Crevasse Rescue by taking our Rock Rescue course as a prerequisite.

Topics Include

  • Product knowledge
  • Proper use and care of equipment
  • Group Travel & Safety Concerns
  • Safety and hazard assessment
  • Harnesses, Knots & Rope Management
  • Glacier travel methods
  • Travel & Safety Concerns
  • Snow & ice anchor systems
  • Rescue protocol
  • Communication
  • Securing a fallen climber
  • Escaping a belay systems
  • Lowering systems
  • Z-pulley - raising an injured climber
  • Advanced rappels w/ a back-up
  • Mechanical ascenders
  • Prussiking


Cost: $190
Ratio: Min: 2 / Max: 4
# of Days: 1
Duration: 8:00am - 4:30pm
Prerequisite: Yes

Basic Rock, previous mountaineering or similar rope handling experience.

Group Rates

* Course includes a 31 page Notebook of course material.

* Custom course dates available on request.

Organize a training day with your friends and take advantage of our Group Rates.

Group Rate Discounts of 15% apply when 3 or more persons book together as a group.

* Contact Us to either book your Group or to upgrade to a Private or Semi-private course.

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