Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Rock Climbing and Rappelling introduces participants to the rewards of this popular sport amongst the beautiful cliffs and canyons of Skaha Bluffs Provincial Park.

Learn the essentials to safely belay, rock climb and rappel under the supervision of our ACMG Guides. Rock climbing is a superb vehicle to promote personal growth and self-discovery by challenging teens both physically and mentally. Confidence, trust, cooperation and teamwork are all emphasized while students have fun at the same time!

You can put your mind at ease, knowing your group is in the capable hands of our experienced, professional Association of Canadian Mountain Guide staff. Safety is our priority while providing students with an enjoyable, educational experience.

Video #1) St. Michaels' University School - Grade 10 / 5-day Rock Climbing Trip

Video #2) Junior Rangers & Skaha Rock Adventures 2012

Topics Include

  • Group Travel & Safety Concerns
  • Safety Protocol
  • Use of guidebooks
  • History of climbing and ethics
  • Product knowledge
  • Proper use and care of equipment
  • Harnesses, Knots & Rope Management
  • Belay systems
  • Belaying
  • Communication
  • Rock climbing movement skills
  • Rappelling
  • Cliff edge protocol
  • Rappels using a back-up system


Cost: $95
Ratio: 6:1
# of Days: 1
Ages: 12-18
Duration: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Group Rates

Price based on our recommended 6:1 Participant/Guide Ratio for maximum safety, quality and value. If your school is on a tight budget and your students don't mind waiting their turn, contact us to discuss lower rates using larger ratios (maximum 9:1).

Full-Day Rock Climb & Rappell programs (8.5 hrs) from $95 per person (depending on Guide/Participant Ratio).

Half-Day Rock Climb programs (5 hrs) from $70 per person (depending on Guide/Participant Ratio).

Half-Day Rappell programs (5 hrs) from $65 per person (depending on Guide/Participant Ratio).

Supervising Staff are encouraged to participate Free of charge (1 per Guide Ratio).

Custom course dates available. Contact Us to reserve your course dates.

All technical climbing equipment included (helmets, backpacks, harnesses, rock shoes, ropes, hardware, etc.).

Ages: 10-18 years.

Group Size: Max 40 students.