Rock Climbing

4-Day Total Rock

Total Rock combines Rock 1,2,3 & 4 and is the absolute package to begin top-roping, sport lead and placement protection lead climbing.

Total Rock enables you to become a complete rock climber in only four days. Master the skills to safely approach a cliff edge in order to build, rappel, belay, communicate and climb from your own simple and complex top-rope anchor systems. Learn about clipping bolts, sport lead anchors and threads, placement protection products, single and multi-pitch placement protection anchors, single and multi-pitch lead strategies, lead and top-down belays, rock climbing movement skills, multi-pitch retreat methods while using advanced rappel systems, basic rescue techniques and more. Clients appreciate the extra days of training in order for them to review and practice the more complex systems and gain the confidence required to safely begin top roping, sport and placement protection lead climbing outdoors on their own. Once you have gained more experience, our Multi-Pitch Lead or Rock Rescue courses are the next logical steps in training.

Topics Include

  • Use of guidebooks
  • History of climbing and ethics
  • Product knowledge
  • Proper use and care of equipment
  • Harnesses, Knots & Rope Management
  • Safety and hazard assessment
  • Cliff edge protocol
  • Top & Ground Anchors
  • Anchor construction
  • Top-rope anchor construction
  • Placement Protection & Anchors
  • Natural Anchors
  • Belay systems
  • Communication
  • Belay stations and hanging belays
  • Lead & Top Belays
  • Dynamic lead belays
  • Lead Climb & Multi-pitch Strategies
  • Clipping quick-draws
  • Rock climbing movement skills
  • Seconding a Route
  • Retreating from a route
  • Anchor retreat skills
  • Fixed and natural rappel anchors
  • Advanced rappels w/ a back-up
  • Multi-pitch Rappels
  • Basic rescue skills


Cost: $705
Ratio: Min: 2 / Max: 4
# of Days: 4
Duration: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Group Rates

Organize a training day with your friends and take advantage of our Group Rates.

Group Rate Discounts of 15% apply when 3 or more persons book together as a group.

* Contact Us to either book your Group or to upgrade to a Private or Semi-private course.

Next season's course dates coming soon.